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Road Stories Southwest Book

Road Stories Southwest

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Author: David Cohen


ROAD STORIES SOUTHWEST is a colorful recollection of three of Cat s way-off-the-beaten-path journeys to Arizona, New Mexico, Southern Colorado, and Baja California. In the first story, Medicine Man, he travels through the Four Corners region to a humor-filled immersion in Native American spirituality. Starting with what s nice Jewish boy like me doing in a sweat lodge like this?, the text evolves into meetings with a gringo chiropractor in Gallup, a catholic nun masseuse in Farmington, and a faux medicine man on the Southern Ute reservation. On the way home, deep in Navajo territory, Cat is rescued by a young Hopi who shows him some sacred sites only to have the pair be arrested by a reservation policeman with dire consequences on the way to the jailhouse.

Wilderness, Chilies & Hot Springs is a log of Cat s adventures while car camping in remote areas of Southern Arizona and New Mexico in search of natural beauty, small towns, and local cuisine.

Amigos, Ejidos, & Antojitos is a brief, insightful exploration of the San Felipe area and seldom-visited northeastern corner of Baja California. Accompanying these tales are over 60 photographs.

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