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Road Poems U.S.A. [Snapshots In Verse] Book

Road Poems U.S.A. [Snapshots In Verse]

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Author: David Cohen

Description: Way-off-the-beaten-path observations and images from the author's many travels across our nation, taking the reader on a diverse, sensual, insightful and highly original coast-to-coast journey from southwest to northeast and very many places in between. Cat visits places most people wouldn't think of writing about, from countless blue highway small towns in 28 states to unusual nooks and crannies in their more populous urban centers. This unique collection of over 120 poems are accompanied by 90 photographs he took en route, most of them a matched set of words and visual images. Like the verse, these snapshots celebrate American culture, capturing a wide variety of roads, people, and places that our many regions have to offer. Cat tips his verbal and visual hat to idyllic landscapes, historical buildings, seedy bars, and sacred places of worship in egalitarian fashion. He hopes to preserve some of the local color, texture, flavor, and personality that is being threatened by the sameness of corporate America.

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