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Thurlene is an R&B songwriter who has had several songs recorded by Cheryl Lynn, the group Radio (with Ray Parker Jr.) and Freddie Hubbard

Cat met Thurlene during his work with Cheryl Lynn.  He and Ms. Johnson collaborated on several tunes where she taught him to listen to the introductory riffs in a pop recording that signify what song is to be played.  Disc jockeys and dancers really like this in predicting what tune is coming up.  Cat later called the technique a signature, a term he used to describe this in his songwriting classes.  He has since always tried to include such a riff in all of his pop songs.

Cat Cohen placed their song “Splash” on Freddie Hubbard’s album of the same name, and Thurlene placed their song “This Time” on Cheryl Lynn’s “Encore” album.  

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