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Dave is a vocalist who performs with choirs and as a soloist thoughout the greater LA area.  He has a powerful operatic voice, which is capable of reaching the last row of any concert venue without a microphone, yet he can also sing as softly and expressively as the occasion demands.  An ex-Marine, Caylor is the composer of two Marine Corps songs "A United States Marine" and "Once a Marine".  He also recorded a CD of mostly original songs called “Patriotic Voices.” 

Caylor used to live across the street from Cat Cohen when they both resided in Highland Park near the Pasadena area.  He has recorded several songs for Cat’s musicals.  A few years ago when Caylor was putting together his Patriotic Voices CD he recorded several of Cat’s songs on his album including “Flight 93”, “United We Stand” and the outrageous  voice of Osama Bin Laden singing “I Want To Be A Taliban Girl.”

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