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Tracy is a songwriter living in Los Angeles who writes very expressive haunting songs with dark introspective themes of inner conflict and desire.  After several years of writing and recording she has had her multiple songs placed in music libraries for licensing to MTV, VH1 and the Oxygen Network and included in several song compilations.

Scharf‘s song ”All I Ever Wanted” was chosen for the Rock-Can Roll compilation whose proceeds help to cure autism.  Scharf had a song chosen to be part of the Compilation CD, Songs of Peace In A Time Of War.   Scharf’s music has been signed with Kidgloves Music, Octobertunes, Manifest Media and Tinderbox Music.  One of her co-written songs was just licensed by Human Factor to Teen Idol winner Catalina Gaglioti

Scharf was a student in Cat Cohen’s UCLA Songwriting classes and attended many of his off-campus workshops.  She also hosted a few of Cat’s songwriting community get-togethers at her residence.

You can hear Scharf’s songs at 

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