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John is a singer-songwriter originally from LA now living in Austin, Texas who wrote his first song at the age of 35.  He recently released his first CD Imitation Of Life, which contains songs from his first year of songwriting.  Influenced by The Beatles, Prince, Natalie Merchant, O’Hara is a very talented writer and vocalist who has an uncanny ability to communicate simple, straightforward messages in a subtle but highly original way in an eclectic mix of pop styles.  Before music, his life was composed of graduating from the UCLA Film School and working in the nonprofit arena.


John has an uncanny gift of writing in a simple, concise style with a universally appealing everyman quality like Smokey Robinson.  His songs are an eclectic mix of pop, rock, country, and singer-songwriting genres.


O’Hara studied songwriting with Cat Cohen at UCLA Extension and continues to consult with him on his songs before recording them.


John’s music can be heard at  

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