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Libby is an Australian-born vocalist and multi-instrumentalist who calls sunny Los Angeles home sweet home. Once described by the LA Times as “pop soul fusion,” Libby’s sound has since grown and morphed into something too difficult to box into any particular genre, falling somewhere on the planes of the vast wilderness that is indie pop, retrospective folk and singer/songwriter.


Her follow-up to her debut CD Sponge Brain entitled Sometime In Morning has received glowing reviews;


“evokes sympathetic lyrics mixed with soft instrumentation that will captivate listeners” – celebritycafe


“Delightfully uncatagorizable artist, Lavella is the kind of act that the machine keeps trumpeting it has found when it hasn’t” – midwest records


New recordings are in the works.  Some songs have already been produced by Dave Palmer, Libby, some by Michael Perfitt and more to come. There will also be some live tracks released  that recorded at Largo


Ms. Lavella attended Cat Cohen’s songwriting classes at UCLA and is one of the few students to repeat the advanced class to sharpen her writing skills.


Libby’s music can be heard at her website and  

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