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Allan is a San Fernando Valley-based singer-songwriter with a style that can be described as Americana with folk, bluegrass, gospel and country influences.  He has just released his debut CD The Road So Far which offers a retrospective snapshot of his music that spans nearly three decades of writing.  In it we hear his varied and unique vocal stylings from folksy warmth to heartbreaking resignation with a quality of songwriting that takes us on a stimulating trip from the opening chord to the final fadeout of the very last note. Whether as narrator or as part of the story himself, he gives us insight into the motivation behind human behavior, including our own. 


THE ROAD SO FAR  [Allan Frank] is a long awaited debut CD from a Southern California singer-songwriter whose love for the history and culture of the rural South permeates this well-crafted and expressively performed collection of original songs in the Americana tradition.  Frank and his collaborators have weaved musical tales of sentiment (“The Road So Far”) and social commentary (“Black Collar Workers”) fans of this time-honored genre are bound to enjoy again and again.  Recorded under the flawless supervision of producer Ed Tree, Frank’s sensitive deep masculine vocals are reminiscent of classic folk-based singers like Burl Ives, Pete Seeger, Doc Watson and Johnny Cash.  The instrumental accompaniments effectively wrap each song in a sweet ambient package ready to be placed in films with themes of southern and middle America.   Several years in the making, this almost hour-long album is a testament to the saying that no wine should be served before its time.

Reviewed by Cat Cohen


 Frank studied songwriting with Cat Cohen at UCLA Extension and hosted several of Cat’s songwriting workshops at his residence. 


Frank’s patience and persistence through the years has truly paid off.  .  He can be reached at

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