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Esperanza has long enjoyed being involved with music all of her life. As a child, she spent many hours singing along to musicals and operas. During that time, she developed bad habits as a result of singing music that was not appropriate for her age.  She was also singing incorrectly, which did not support her voice so that it could evolve naturally and without hinderance. It is her intention to share the joy of singing with kids as well as to protect their special instruments as best as she can.


Cordero has one of those amazing voices that haunt the listener long after hearing her.  She writes her own uniquely sounding material, which has a primitive world music feel grafted onto an art song ambience.  Her training includes studying at Indiana University and with Ron Anderson. She is a professional singer and am in the process of recording her debut album.


Cordero studied songwriting with Cat Cohen at UCLA and also in his off-campus music theory and song structure workshops.


You can contact her at 213-841-0650.

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