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Gina Raye was born on June 13, 1972 in the city of High Point, North Carolina. She always wanted to be a singer but everyone told her to be anything but that!  Being a singer was like winning the lottery, they told her. At 24 she realized she would have to write her own songs to get noticed in such a small town. So she entered karaoke contests to save enough money to move to Los Angeles. Soon after she got to LA, she was discovered by a talent agent named Wendy Howell, and that's where the acting came in.! Her first break came in 2001 when she appeared on NYPD Blue, she was cast as a featured extra but when director, Bob Dougherty first saw her on set he immediately saw talent and gave her speaking lines with Dennis Franz. Soon to follow, after an introduction to the late, famous director, John Frankenheimer, she appeared as Lynda Bird Johnson (LBJ's oldest daughter) in the HBO film, “Path To War” (2002) (TV). 

Gina writes a variety of pop and country-pop songs with a strong interest in songs for television and film. 

Gina attended Cat Cohen’s songwriting classes.   In 2004 she collaborated with Cat on an inspirational song “Follow Your Dream”.

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