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Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis


A powerfully soulful and emotional hurt love song that catapulted Leona Lewis to the top of the charts.

Song: Bleeding Love
Artist: Leona Lewis
Album: Spirit
Songwriter: Ryan Tedder, Jesse McCartney
Producer: Ryan Tedder

The singer pours out her heart and soul about the hurt she has endured from a failed relationship and continues to feel.

An unfettered hurt love lyric. The pain is unleashed and fully expressed for anyone who needs to get in touch with it. Closed off from love I didn't need the pain Once or twice was enough and it was all in vain Time starts to pass before you know it you're frozen. But something happened for the very first time with you My heart melted into the ground, found something true And everyone's looking 'round thinking I'm going crazy But I don't care what they say I'm in love with you They try to pull me away but they don't know the truth My heart's crippled by the vein that I keep on closing You cut me open and I Keep bleeding, keep, keep bleeding love I keep bleeding, I keep, keep bleeding love Keep bleeding, keep, keep bleeding love You cut me open

A strong pulsating 8th note groove with lots of sustained sounds heighten the emotion in the vocals which are also phrased in 8ths. A subtle 16th overlay is heard in the percussion to push the groove along with a 16th push in the kick drum.

A strong melody that builds from verse to chorus where it sails to emotional heights.

A typical 4-chord I vi IV V triadic progression familiar to us from the 50s, yet somehow fresh in the way it is used here.

No surprises, but the two sections are so well contrasted and the performance so strong we don't care. Sig A B sig A B C B sig signature verse chorus signature verse chorus bridge chorus signature

Sustained chords with soulful vocalizing makes a strong intro and outro.

The production subtly and completely supports the powerful vocal.

Lewis pours out her pain and grief with no holds barred in a way that bowls the listener over. No subtlety needed here.

Predicted Longevity
A standout in 2008 and a performance that can last as long as audiences are eager to hear hurt love songs.

Album Cover: Spirit

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