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I Love This Bar by Toby Keith


Toby Keith records a joyful rowdy ode to barroom customers everywhere complete with crowd noises and a colorful cast of characters.

Song: I Love This Bar
Artist: Toby Keith
Album: Shock 'N Y'all
Songwriter: Toby Keith
Producer: James Strand and Toby Keith


A classic tribute to barroom customers who enjoy their saloons and their booze.

A colorful laundry list of images of people who frequent barrooms. Keith inserts an ironic twist when he states that although he likes his girlfriend, he loves his bar.

We got winners, we got losers, chain smokers and boozers

We got yuppies, we got bikers, we got thirsty hitchhikers

And the girls next door dress up like movie stars

Mmm, I love this bar.

A classic moderate country-rock groove built on a solid 8th note foundation.

A surprisingly original yet familiar melody constructed in easy to remember short phrases. The range is modest, the movement mostly stepwise. It is easy enough for anyone in a tavern to sing along with.

Keith uses all six major diatonic triads plus one typical country sounding chord out of the key (II7) in the bridge.

I V IV I I V IV I vi V IV I vi V IV ii iii IV V I


A A B A B solo B2 A false ending A tag
[verse verse bridge verse]

Rather than a riffy intro Keith uses the sound of a barroom crowd as a sound hook.

Flawless perfection in an earthy style. The spontaneous crowd noise, sing-along participation and casual whistling bring it down home.

Performance Keith sings and speaks his images, attitude and imagery with total credibility, attitude and colorful expression.

Predicted Longevity
A classic barroom juke box friendly recording that could live for a long time in its well entrenched niche.

Album Cover: Shock 'N Y'all

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